Saturday, February 4, 2017

Do: call about DeVos. The vote is Monday. Call today, tomorrow, and Monday.

The vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education appears to be 50-50, with Vice President Pence to break the tie.  Two Republicans have said they will vote against her: Murkowski and Collins.  We have today, tomorrow, and Monday morning to convince one more Republican senator to flip.

This page has the list of everyone's contact information in the Senate.  You can skip Democrats, Murkwoski, Collins, and McConnell.  Everyone else is fair game.  We're looking for a heroic move here... someone to buck their party and block a dangerously unqualified and ignorant nominee.  I'd suggest focusing on Sens. Toomey (202 224-4254), Flake (202 224-4521), Heller (202 224-6244), Portman (202 224-3353), Graham (202 224-5972), and McCain (202 224-2235).  But that's just my best guess.  Call them, then call anyone else you have time to call.

It's going to be hard to get through to people.  The call volume appears to be the highest the Capitol has ever experienced (they put in additional lines only a few years ago, but story after story confirms that every office's lines are still jammed).  And we might not make it, since Murkowski and Collins waited to flip until they were pretty sure that there were 50 other votes.

But we've got to try.  Try today.  Try tomorrow.  Try Monday.

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